Sunday, November 7, 2010

Upcoming: Professor Dinner

Our 6th Semi-annual professor dinner will be taking place a week from tomorrow! This is an amazing opportunity for the women in our house to become better acquainted with the faculty here at UNL and simultaneously for the faculty to learn more about our chapter!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Initiates!

Here at Rho Chapter life has been a little crazy. We finished recruitment and got 45 new amazing members. They went through weekly new member meetings and learned all about the history of theta. They then received their Theta Pledge Mom and instantly had a new smaller family within their large family of Kappa Alpha Theta. On Oct 1st 2010 Rho Chapter initiated 45 incredible young women into our sisterhood.

One of the New Initiates Ali Anderson said "Since I joined Theta I feel not so lost. I can walk to class and see a sister and they will just brighten my day with a warm smile and an enthusiastic wave. I feel there is a long road ahead of me with my Theta sisters. I know I have people that have my back and will be with me through anything, eventhough we only met not too long ago."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh The Preparations

Recruitment is less than two weeks away and here at the Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, we could not be more excited. This summer we have all been busy with various activities including summer classes, internships, jobs, and preparing for another school year.

The entire chapter has been working to prepare for recruitment but no one has worked more tirelessly than the recruitment team! President Morgan Demmel, Vice President Membership Rachel Mann, Reference Chair Jess Maguire, Recruitment Chair Anna Butera, and Assistant Rush Chair Abby Butera have dedicated their time this summer to leading the chapter into recruitment, planning the activities for each day, and planning beautiful decorations for our home.

As a freshman last year, I experienced how stressful recruitment week can be, but now I can say with confidence that participating in recruitment was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I went into recruitment hoping to find a house to join and new friendships, but I came away with a home and, more importantly, a family.

Our chapter is so excited to meet the women participating in sorority recruitment this fall and we can’t wait to welcome a new group of young women into our sisterhood!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Theta Spotlight: Addie Stroh

Hello to all my KAT’s (from LA)!

This summer I have been interning at NBC Universal in Los Angeles in the Marketing Department as the Field Events Intern. For the past two years, I have been a Universal Pictures Campus U Representative at UNL. Each year, Universal chooses the top ten reps (out of the near 60 college campuses) to interview for the internship position to work on the Universal lot. After two years of working for Universal as the campus rep, my efforts paid off. I don’t know where to begin or end writing about this amazing learning experience because it has been quite the journey (also, I’m not quite the seasoned blogger---so bare with me).

For the past three months, I have been living in the heart of Hollywood (about two miles from the studios---where all of the action takes place). I’ve been working hard on our summer film campaigns including: GET HIM TO THE GREEK, DESPICABLE ME, CHARLIE ST. CLOUD, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, and NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS. I have been lucky enough to work a few press junkets and work directly with the talent for these films. Escorting talent down the red carpet at world premieres has also been one of the perks of my internship. A few weeks ago, I worked at Comic Con in San Diego in the SCOTT PILGRIM EXPERIENCE, which was a show and a half! I have never seen more grown adults dressed in Star Wars costumes in my life. Nonetheless it was an amazing weekend---one I will never forget. If you don’t know what Comic Con is, definitely check it out. There were so many talent there I didn’t know where to look next.

Most of my friends ask me how I like living in Hollywood and wonder how glamorous my life has been. Though I am living in the hills and am surrounded by palm trees and sunny blue skies daily, it’s not all play. Working 40 + hours as an unpaid intern isn’t easy. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think that everyone should have the experience of being an intern. Though it may seem like a lot of grunt work at times, everything will pay off in the end, trust me. Everyone has to start off somewhere, and 90% of the time it’s at the very bottom. This summer I have made a lot of great connections with some really great staff here at NBC Universal. When I come home, I will continue to work as the Universal Pictures Campus Rep for my senior year. I’m looking forward to finishing off senior year strong, but definitely a little weary of the real world (as most of us are). However, this summer I have learned and grown so much not only professionally but also emotionally. Being a summer intern in LA has developed me into a more confident young professional, no doubt.

I feel like I just lectured the entire house on why internships are important---like you don’t hear that enough, ha.

I’m just going to do a little plug right now for my internship. Unfortunately, when I graduate this May, I have to pass this very-cool internship off to someone. Although I will be recruiting someone who has a solid resume and work experience, I would love to be able to hire a Theta. SO, with that being said, if any of you Theta Sophomores or soon to be freshman are reading this and are interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or text and we’ll chat. I’ll be looking for someone to shadow me and eventually take over my internship. We usually look for someone to work at least two years in the programs (so no older than a Junior).

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering about which celebrities and talent I worked with this summer, right? Well you’ll just have to ask me personally ;) I’m not about to share all of the Hollywood secrets for everyone’s eyes to see.

I can’t wait to see everyone and am ready for another great year together!



One of the other interns and I on the Universal Pictures brand new NEW YORK, NY back lot set.

Had to snap a shot of THE TONIGHT SHOW to prove I saw Jay. (RIP COCO!!!)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Theta Spotlight: Hannah Drabek

Rho Sophomore Hannah Drabek about her Mission trip in Swaziland, Africa:

This summer I spent about three weeks in the tiny, but incredibly beautiful country of Swaziland, Africa. My dad, younger sister, our friend Jake, and I went to work with The Luke Commission. TLC is an NGO that runs a traveling medical clinic. They go out about twice a week to romote locations where they treat the bush people for head lice and colds to HIV and cracked skulls . My dad is a surgeon so there was lots for him to do, but the rest of us aren't exactly trained medical professionals so you'd think it would be hard for us to be useful, but we did all kinds of things like test blood pressure, blood sugar and administer HIV tests, we drew blood, and built wheel chairs, and basically filled in wherever we could. I wanted to really get something out of this trip that I could use for school, though, so being a broadcasting major, I was there with camera in-hand all the time.

A lot of people go into trips like this thinking they're going to save the world, and that these people are so lucky that we're coming to help them, but I quickly came to find that I would get more from the Swazi's than I could ever possibly give to them. Because I was there to document everything, I got to interview some people with incredibly heartbreaking and humbling stories, and while I could sit here and talk about all the fun and awesome things I did while I was there, I would much rather share with you a few of these stories and hope they touch you like they did me.

One day I walked back into the examining room to find two doctors and a translator with a young girl- she couldn't have been more than 12. I was told to put the camera away because they would be doing a physical examination of her private area. So first of all just think about how you would have felt at twelve years old to lift up your skirt infront of a bunch of strangers-it's mortifying. The little girl told us that one day she had squatted outside to pee and fell on thorns. She eventually was coaxed into telling us the truth- that she'd been abused by a family member for several months. The look on her face reminded me of when I found my old teeth hidden in my mother's dresser and learned the tooth fairy didn't exist. I was completely floored. How could this beautiful young girl every feel good about her body again? How could she trust anyone if she can't even trust her family?

When we pulled up to one of the clinics, the first person I saw was sitting in a wheelchair. Well sitting isn't exactly the right word. This boy, who I later learned was only 17, looked like he had no body from his hips down. It was like a torso, arms and head sittin in a chair. I got to be there later in the day when he saw the doctor. He did have a complete body, but he was born with everything from his waist down to be about the size of a doll's body. He was told there was nothing we could do for his condition, but that we would give him a chair more suitable for bush conditions (think about pushing a wheelchair over rocks and through bushes, etc.) and he was asked what else we could do for him. The one thing he asked for was a pair of binoculars so he could watch the other kids play soccer when they were too far away from his window. I about lost it right there, but I got to interview him and he told me that he is so happy because he knows Jesus, and one day he is going to go to heaven and God will give him the most perfect body. He went on and on and you can only imagine how hard it was for me to keep my cool.

Everyone I talked to had a story. There was a man who's baby daughter had been poisoned because he was a Christian, a woman who's husband is crippled and she does everything for him, and almost everyone has a family member who died from AIDS. I can't tell you how many "families" I saw where a teenage kid was the head of household for several children. But the most amazing thing is how very happy these people are. They don't dwell on their sufferings or expect pity from anyone, but they embrace the here and now and thank God for the things they do have. I believe we all have something to learn from these people and I hope that I can remember their stories, and try to be a little more like them every day.

If you guys want to hear more about the trip, I'd be happy to talk to you and show you photos/videos/etc. so just let me know!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Theta Spotlight: Katie Lewis

Sophomore Katie Lewis is interning this summer at Kingsview:

I am currently a Marketing and Sales intern at Kingsview in New York City. I’m working both on Wall Street and also in the historic Woolworth Building in the financial district. Kingsview is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. We specialize in managed futures products for an exclusive, high-net worth clientele, offering investment services for retail, institutional and private investors.

As their marketing intern, I have been assigned my own project for the summer in which I helped design and create a series of three separate promotional materials that are sent directly to our best potential targets. In addition to the marketing materials, I also cold called and kept in contact with a list of about 500 CEOs of various brokerage firms in order to build relationships with brokers across the nation.

This internship will be extremely helpful in the future, because I have learned not only about how marketing is used in a real setting, but how a company functions successfully in a very highly competitive financial market.

ENOUGH WITH THE BORING STUFF…I am in love with NYC!!! I’m so happy I’ve gotten the opportunity to uproot from the good ole Midwest and come and live in this crazy, crazy place. From designer boutiques in SoHo to a weekend by the beach in the Hamptons, or from boxing lessons in Tribeca to my favorite Upper East Side French brasserie: I wish this summer would never end! I have been so spoiled and so blessed with all that has come to me these past few months. It’s been absolutely marvelous.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theta Spotlight: Elizabeth Venrick

Rho senior Elizabeth Venrick shares her experience interning with the Minnesota Vikings this summer!

I am interning with the Operations Department of the
Minnesota Vikings NFL team. Pretty much we do anything and everything! The Operations Department looks over all the players, coaches and personnel - so we've been setting up dorm rooms (hauling in beds, tv's, refrigerators, etc), meeting rooms and offices. Pretty much the entire Vikings front offices move toMankato, Minnesota for a month while the team practices here at Minnesota State University. Once the team gets here and camp starts, the other eight interns and I will take turns making sure the players check-in for every meal and snack. I'm in charge of the VIP/credential check-in, during and after practice as well as keeping track of guests at practice. We're also on call whenever anything comes up, or someone needs something.

It's a very busy job that involves a lot of different tasks. The hours are long, but for the most part enjoyable. :) It's a great insight into the world of professional football and so far, I've learned a lot!

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